Your Dental Experience

Our state-of-the-art paperless office offers the top dental technology to help aid us in diagnosing and treating any and all of your dental concerns. Included in this is Digital Radiography which uses between 70-80% less x-rays than standard film.

Dr. Glaizel and Dr. Gelfand utilze dental technological advances to make  dentistry more environmentally friendly. With digital charts there is no waste of paper. With Digital Radiography there are no toxic film developers and fixers in the office. The Yonge and York Mills Dental Centre does not use amalgam.

The office currently uses digital impression and CEREC restoration fabrication technology.

Education of our patients is the cornerstone of this practice. It is our belief that every patient should understand fully the dental choices they make. That is why we use digital pictures and models to educate all our patients to aid us in making dental choices.

The majority of our patients come to us through referrals and word of mouth.

As a new patient, you will spend approximately 1 hour with the dentist to discuss your medical and dental history, review and take any necessary radiographs and digital pictures, complete a full head and neck examination with oral cancer screen, complete a full charting of your current tooth and gum status and then treatment planning options.

This examination allows you to discuss your wants, needs and expectations of dental treatment with Dr. Glaizel or Dr. Gelfand. It also allows you to learn about your current oral health and to set the direction of your future treatment.

In discussion with our patients during treatment planning Dr. Glaizel often says, “I am a facilitator not the decision maker.” You the patient are the decision maker, and we are the team that empowers you with the proper information such that you can make the best choices for you.